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Saohime had conspired with her elder brother Saohiko to murder the emperor and seize the throne. The conspiracy did not go unnoticed as the emperor ordered one of his generals to lead his army in pursuit of Saohime.


Folklore about Benkei tell the story of his personal quest in order to take 1000 swords from samurai warriors that were arrogant and unworthy to his belief. ‌‌


The giant skeleton, that was summoned around eight centuries ago by princess Takiyasha of the Sōma clan, has his eyes pinned on the back of the ferryman who is on his way to the elegant world of the pleasure quarters.


Octopuses are known to be extremely intelligent… and they came up with a plan to get revenge. Slowly but surely, the strongest of octopuses have made their way into the river at Shijo and with their mightiest battle stances they prepare for war.


As Toda Hanbei Shigeyuki scouts over the landscape of Mount Hira, he sees crows above him and a glimpse of a beautiful woman on top of a crane… flying in the air.