The Japanese word for octopus is tako ().

The Japanese food culture is centered around rice, which is great in combination with octopus, fish and other types of seafood. Meat consumption was considered a dietary taboo in Japan for many centuries, but the consuming of octopuses dates back to a long time ago. Archeologists even found pots that were used to trap octopuses at an excavation site that is over 2000 years old!

This print depicts the summer of 1833, in which the people of Kyoto are appreciating a cool evening along the river at Shijo. During this festive occasion, the people are enjoying the freshly caught octopuses. They are celebrating and worshipping Ebisu, the god of fishing and Daikoku, the god of rice, for their good fortune.

Octopuses are known to be extremely intelligent… and they came up with a plan to get revenge. Slowly but surely, the strongest of octopuses have made their way into the river at Shijo and with their mightiest battle stances they prepare for war.

“Let us strike after the sun sets... After today, they will no longer shed our blue blood. Victory will be ours, for we are all well armed!”.

The perfect addition to your workspace with its spacious 900x400mm dimensions and 4mm thickness. The anti-slip rubber base ensures the mat stays securely in place, while the anti-fray stitching around the edges protects the mat from damage over time. The smooth surface material provides a comfortable and durable surface for your mouse and keyboard!

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