In Japan, the crane, or tsuru (鶴), is depicted as a symbol of good luck, longevity and immortality.

In this print, the general wearing the Skull Uma-symbol is supposed to be Toda Hanbei Shigeyuki, a retainer of Tokugawa in the late 16th century.

As he scouts over the landscape of Mount Hira, he sees crows above him and a glimpse of a beautiful woman on top of a crane… flying in the air.

This reminds him of a story in which a man saved a crane that had been shot down by hunters.

That same night, a beautiful girl appeared at the man's door and told him that she will be his wife. She brought him a bag full of rice that never ran empty, and created the most gorgeous clothing using crane feathers. But when the crane noticed that the man found out her true identity, she flew away and never returned.

The perfect addition to your workspace with its spacious 900x400mm dimensions and 4mm thickness. The anti-slip rubber base ensures the mat stays securely in place, while the anti-fray stitching around the edges protects the mat from damage over time. The smooth surface material provides a comfortable and durable surface for your mouse and keyboard!

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