Keyboard PCB design

Specializing in creating unique and high-quality printed circuit boards for mechanical keyboards. Contact us today to start your custom keyboard PCB design project!


Japanese fine-arts inspired deskmat designs

Ukimatto is inspired from the Japanese art genre ukiyo-e, which means  floating world. This is where the stories, myths and legends of the land of the rising sun are brought together in premium modern day deskmats. 

Custom Keyboard Design

Specialized in creating unique and personalized mechanical keyboards tailored to your specific needs and preferences. I work with you to design and build a one-of-a-kind keyboard that meets your exact specifications. From the layout and PCB design to the materials and finishes.

Recent news


With its innovative design, Lefty is a macropad that is just the left half of a keyboard, making it the perfect choice for artists who need a comfortable and ergonomic tool for drawing and painting.


The Ultimate Macropad with a Trackball!

The 14 keys can be programmed to perform any function you want, allowing you to quickly access your most used commands and shortcuts with a simple press of a button. The perfect addition to any setup.